Implants are the ideal solution in case of missing teeth or for replacing unattached prostheses. Implants can replace individual missing tooth, but may also serve as support (foundation) for dental restorations (crowns, bridges, prostheses). Implants provide the best imitation of natural denture feeling.


Preliminary examination of the denture is made in regard to overall medical condition. A further examination includes an x-ray of the bone and the jaw. On the basis of this diagnosis, a treatment plan (including price estimation) is made.

Placing the implants

Placing an implant is a simple procedure under local anesthetic, comparable to any other dental treatment. The procedure includes separation of the attached gingiva (gums) from the bone, and drilling an opening in the bone, consequently the implant is screwed into the bone. A healing cap, or temporary crown is placed on top of the implant and the gums are placed back around the healing cap. This temporary cap is used until the permanent restoration, a few months later.
This treatment takes 60-90 minutes. For more information about the implants we are working with:


In the period after the placement of the implant the bone has to recover and build (attach) itself to the implant. Only after the bone recovery is complete the permanent restoration can be preformed.
The pain after placing the implant is generally minimal and easy to suppress with painkillers; possible swelling is best suppressed with ice.
In the case of implantation under a full prosthesis, soft food and minimal use of the prosthesis is recommended in the first week. After this first week the stitches are removed and one can eat normally again.
Depending on the location of the implant and the quality of the treated bone, the full bone recovery period lasts between three and four months.

Permanent restoration

For the permanent restoration, a model is created based on the dental imprints of the denture/jaws. This model allows the dentist to make a crown, bridge or denture (click prosthesis); the form and color are matched to the existing denture. This is a crucial phase in the final esthetics of the treatment. We give the outermost attention to this phase and together with the patient determine the wanted esthetic result.
The permanent solution is manufactured and placed on the implants. This completes the treatment.

The permanent result looks and feels like your own natural teeth.

Aftercare and dental maintenance
Aftercare includes daily basis maintenance by the patient himself and a periodical control and maintenance by the dentist.
Self care includes the regular use of toothbrush and dental floss similar to the care of natural teeth. Due to the presence of implants in the jaw, it is important that it happens regularly and properly; food rests under the restoration can elevate the risk for a gum disease.
The periodically controls by the dentist are preformed once in 3 or 6 months, depending of the type of restoration.


Currently, more and more insurance plans (partly) compensate implants. We have gained a lot of experience in this regard and we are able to consult about the type of insurance one should acquire prior to the treatment for maximal reimbursement.